4 thoughts on “The Sieges of Fallujah: Timeline”

  1. This is a great timeline of a very important topic! I definitely do not know enough as I should about the conflicts in the Middle East and I had never heard of the sieges of Fallujah before. This timeline is very informative and it will serve as a good jumping off point to learn more information about these events.

  2. Excellent topic! I read Jeremy Scahill’s “Blackwater” early last summer (starting off with light reading!), and the stuff in there is enough to make your blood boil. Fun fact – a lot of the early Blackwater creeps had ties to Executive Outcomes, which was a mercenary company formed by Rhodesian Bush War veterans, Apartheid supporters from the South African military/police forces, and a bunch of Irish Unionists. Seems like they carried that colonial heritage with them. Go figure…

  3. I think you utilized this resource really well, the information provided is succinct and effectively communicates the progression of the conflict. A limit more so of the resource than your work is the timeline’s visual element. Maybe this is only on my computer but even zooming in all the way on the timeline still does not provide a very good idea of how the conflict plays out and how long the event take because I cannot zoom in to see a single year or series of months.

  4. Admittedly I was very confused by this timeline the first times I looked at it, and it wasn’t until today that I realized zooming in would clarify the dates and years and revealed much more information. Now it makes much more sense and I see what you were trying to do. It’s interesting to see overlaid both events that occurred on single days and longer periods of time to understand the contexts in which singular occurrences, quick changes, and outcomes of the sieges of Fallujah arose.

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